Help us repatriate Geronimo. According to this story about the secret Skull and Bones Society (an intimate peak at the US Ruling Class) Geronimo’s skull is with these people. If, after reading this story, you are as appalled as I am, we ask you to express your opinion to President George W. Bush and ask that he personally take responsibility to return Geronimo to us. This has gone on long enough. We want his remains returned.


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about Chief of Staff Dr. Karl Johanson of Oroville Hospital hiring Dr. Steven F. Fletcher, a accused sex offender. According to the story the South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners fined Dr. Fletcher $5000.00 for ethics violation. Why was this man not prosecuted? Why was he allowed to keep his license and move to California to possibly offend again? What is disgusting is he Dr. Karl Johanson, thinks the guy "is a cool dude." I think Chief of Staff Dr. Karl Johanson should resign.

Please help us pass
Popa's Law
a Common Sense Victims Medical Care Act.


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David has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  This has forced him into retirement.


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We almost lost David four times due to medical incompetence. You can read the details. He is doing better but it will be a long slow recovery. Please don't let the doctors do this to you. I lost my brother to colon cancer also from an incompetent doctor.


Tiffany's Poetry includes views on September 11 along with other poetry.


On July 14th, 2001 we lost our beloved Samson Samsonto Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. This is a rare disease, I believe was linked to a contaminated vaccine and all people should know about before vaccinating their children or animals. I am not advocating not vaccinating but rather cleaning up our vaccines. We use the same medications for people that we use on our animals . . .

On June 26th, 2006 we lost our baby BooBoo BooBoo to water intoxication.