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The Bass Player for all musicians and their wives.- Berry Creak "I thought places this beautiful only exist in peoples mind" - Black as Night †† dedicated to Davidís ex-partner and ex-wife - The Boogie Mandedicated to John Lee Hooker - A Butcher's Handthe butcher of Oroville, who almost took Davidís life.Ė Changing Seasons winter in the mountains- Choices dedicated to those who lost their lives at Columbine and Santana and all the high school who are forced to endure senseless violence- the Demon in the Closet the angle by your side - the Eagle and the Coyote the eagle walked - Fall itís beautiful in the mountains - How can you discribe the taste of balogne? - If Jesus Lived in Hitler's Time would he have turned the other cheek? - Jacob's Ladder There is a ladder we all must climb - Just to Get High because of the color of your skin- Lines of Time dedicated to getting old†† - A Man Called George W dedicated to our president- My Own private Helldedicated to all victims of spousal abuse - Our Mother Earth ††my opinion on environmental issues- Perchance to Sleep to all wives and caregivers- Poor Little Snake the first rattlesnake I ever shot -Road Kill the cycle of life - Samsonmy best friend, I will never forget you- Saying GoodbyeHow do you say goodbye to your brother?Especially when he shouldnít have died. -September 11how does a world cope?- A Veteranto those who served in war






Tiffany D Montano


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