Photo courtacy of Ron Erhardt

David and I met through our friends Ron and Doreen Erhardt on May 1, 1997 just a few months after my brother died. Because of our mutual heritage, they thought we would be perfect for each other. The only problem was David was still married to his forth wife, Karla. A brief marriage that ended due to her drinking. She died while incarcerated in December, 1999. The song I tried to Love a Drinking Woman was written in a failed attempt to communicate to her.

David and I got married on December 6, 1997 at John Lee Hooker's house in Los Altos. John was so sweet for letting us have the wedding there and even attended the reception. John passed away on June 21st 2001. He packed the house for one final performance and will truly be missed.

David was born and raised in Mountain View, California, an area now in the heart of the Silicon Valley. He began singing live on the local radio station at the age of three with his Uncle.A friendís father invented the condenser microphone and built a guitar for Freddie King.When Freddie was in town he would stop by the Schaffer household and jam with Eddie Schaffer and David among others..

He enlisted in the Army at eighteen. David in uniforn

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